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Star Formation within the Eagle Nebula - M16
This star-forming region is famous for its space pillars that appear in this infrared view from NASA’s Spitzer space telescope. The green dust is the cooler dust and the red dust represents hotter dust that was warmed by the explosion of a massive star 8,000 to 9,000 years ago. Astronomers estimate that the explosions blast wave spread outward and destroyed the eagle nebula’s three famous pillars about 6,000 years about. Since the light from the nebula takes about 7,000 years to reach us we will not witness this destruction for about another 1,000 years.
Credit: NASA/Spitzer

Little Miss Paintbrush / @chichilittle is the kawaii artist / illustrator of Japan Lover Me. This is her new artwork! ♥
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Twitter / tronc_miii: 盗撮に注意_φ(. . #rakugaki …
Gotta watch this! I’m so excited ^___^

I swear on everything that this isn’t just some stupid contest to gain followers as I said on my Canon giveaway. As you’ve probably seen on my Canon giveaway I had 2 iPad boxes, well I’m giving one away for free. I was thinking about returning/selling it with the Canon but I wouldn’t get a good price as when I bought it. I’ve already talked to my mum about me giving these things away and she doesn’t mind. Anyway, who doesn’t like free stuff?
Here’s how this will work:
You DO have to follow me. I didn’t ask for people to follow me on my Canon giveaway but this one I do ask of you to kindly follow me, I mean I’m giving away these things worth a lot, right?
Likes do not count for anything, only reblogs will count. You can reblog this as many times as you’d like.
Do not create any extra blogs or whatever, I will be looking on your archives.
Winner will be chosen like as if it were a raffle drawing.
Winner will be contacted via ask, so make sure that you have that on/open.
This will be over on March 22nd 2014, and the winner will be announced on the 23rd.
I am also doing this basically to make someone else happy. Please don’t participate if you already own a iPad, but you can if you’d like I guess. I really don’t care if you live in Hogwarts, anyone is allowed to enter.
Here’s what the winner will get:
Apple iPad 4.
Everything else needed.
The iPad is not far from new.
If you think this is “stupid” of me to do or anything of that sort, than just ignore it. It’s that simple.
Q. “Why would you just giveaway an expensive item to a stranger?”
Q. “How do we know you aren’t bullshitting us?”
A. To make a fake contest just for followers is stupid, plus, I have a picture of me holding the iPad’s etc.
Good luck.